Class, luxury and comfort. Whether looking to complete your space with the perfect pillow or mirror, or looking to add modern flair with a new dresser or bed, we offer great variety in stylish and sophisticated pieces to suit your every need. From mattresses and sheets to headboards and nightstands, let us help you perfect your modern bedroom design.

Modern outdoor furniture gives you the ability to truly enjoy the spring, summer, and fall. You can celebrate the warm months out on your patio with friends, family, and guests if you have the right patio furniture. Modern outdoor patio furniture combines your love for the great outdoors, entertaining, and modern design in one simple and sophisticated package. Modern outdoor furniture, like tables, chairs, chaise lounges, and sofas are a great way to relax in style and comfort. If you have a pool, then you can place outdoor lounge chairs around the perimeter so that you can cool off whenever you get too warm while sunbathing. The best modern outdoor furniture combines high-quality materials and simple, sophisticated design to create a patio where you’ll be proud to entertain your guests.

Shop for your modern bathroom - from waterfall tub faucets to sleek bathroom vanities, you're sure to find the what you're looking for. Your bathroom is the perfect place to focus on clean lines and minimal furniture and accessories. Since we use our bathrooms every day it's important to focus on function, but that doesn't mean that you can't transform your bathroom into a relaxing and refreshing space with some choice modern bathroom fixtures and designer bathroom accessories. With minimal time and effort, you can illuminate your bathroom with light and style with one of our contemporary bathroom light fixtures and outfit your bathroom vanity with the designer bathroom accessories you just never can find room for. When shopping for new bathroom essentials, try some of these tips

Every home needs lighting options for different times during the day. The best lighting gives you the ability to change the intensity based on the mood you want to cultivate in your home. If you’re passionate about modern décor, then chances are that you’ll also want to find modern lighting for your entire home. There are a variety of contemporary lights, including room lighting (ex. modern bedroom lighting), lighting fixtures (ex. modern dining room light fixtures or modern pendant light fixtures), and location lighting (ex.modern bedside lamps). Modern lighting has features that are characteristic of modern design, including clean, geometric lines and perfectly shaped circles and ovals. The best contemporary lights enhances the rest of your décor and helps you establish a cohesive look across your home. Ceiling, table, and floor lighting should be used together to create the best light for relaxing or enjoying time with your closest friends.


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